Grad Program: Polish/Russian Lit. and Culture (Uni Illinois Chicago)

Deadline for Applications: February 15, 2019

UIC’s Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures offers entering graduate students a vibrant intellectual environment in which to pursue innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship within the fields of Slavic studies and Polish Jewish Studies. Department faculty specialize in Modernist and Contemporary Literatures and their Cultural Contexts, Verbal and Visual Avant-gardes, Twentieth-century Philosophical Approaches to Literature, Polish Jewish culture and literatures, and comparative Polish and Yiddish Modernisms. Course offerings by faculty specializing in the fields of Polish, Russian, Lithuanian and Yiddish literatures and cultures approach literature and the arts above all as spaces of encounter –– highlighting the productive interaction among diverse cultural and linguistic traditions that characterizes the region.

To be considered for teaching assistantships or tuition wavers, complete applications must be received by February 15, 2019Detailed application instructions can be found here. Further information about graduate programs can be found on the website. 

For Questions contact Julia Vaingurt, Director of Graduate Studies,