Prof. Devt: Cyber Defense Certificate (UT Austin Online)

Deadline for Spring Session Applications: March 13, 2019 and April 17, 2019

Program Overview:

Cyber attacks are considered to be one of the top five risks to businesses globally, and the level of threats from script kiddies, cybercriminals, and even nation-state actors is increasing daily. Businesses experience thousands of cyber attacks per day, making knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals in demand and highly sought after. This program offers an intro to cyber defense for beginners interested in the field and in depth instruction for students more familiar with the subject.

The Cyber Academy Defense Certificate Program consists of two courses:  

  • Course 1: Immediate Immersion is designed to impart basic cybersecurity skills in three weeks of study at 25 hours per week while helping students to decide if a career in cybersecurity is right for them.   
  • Course 2: Cybersecurity Defense builds on the defensive skills and experience students gained in Immediate Immersion. The course is designed to impart a strong foundation of defensive information security skills in 11 weeks of study at 25 hours per week, preparing students for entry-level careers as security operations center analysts and digital forensics analysts.

Before proceeding to Course 2, students must complete Course 1 and obtain approval to move onto Course 2.

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students may be eligible to enroll in the The Cyber Academy Attack Certificate Program. This advanced program focuses on key offensive skills. Students must obtain instructor approval to proceed and be US citizens or green card holders in order to enroll in The Cyber Academy Attack Certificate Program.

Development of this 100% project-based, learn-by-doing program was funded in part by the Department of Defense (under agreement C5-16-0023), and the curriculum was designed in conjunction with DoD and industry experts.

Who Should Enroll:
  • Course 1 – Students who wish to explore if a career in cybersecurity is right for them
  • Course 2 – Students who have successfully completed Course 1 and who aspire to professional careers in defensive cybersecurity
Plan Your Certificate:

This table shows upcoming start dates for this program’s courses. Please note that program start dates are subject to change. After registering for the certificate program, email or call the CPE Registrar at 512-232-6520 to enroll in the chosen courses.

Course Title Spring Summer
Course 1: Immediate Immersion 3/13/2019 6/4/2019
Course 2: Cybersecurity Defense 4/17/2019 7/10/2019

The ideal student is intensely curious, unwilling to give up on a problem no matter how difficult it is, and predisposed towards self-directed learning. Only basic computer skills are required, but basic knowledge of computer networks, protocols, and the fundamentals of operating systems is recommended. (The program will supply self-study tutorial materials to registered students before the program begins.)
In order to advance to the second course in the program, students must pass the first class and obtain instructor approval. Instructor approval will be based on accomplishing designated performance objectives, demonstrating thorough understanding of software used throughout the course, submitting high-quality written work and actively contributing to weekly student meetings.

Additional Information:

Students must have a personal computer and a good Internet connection.

This certificate is offered in partnership with Socratic Arts.

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