Research and Journalism Internship in Russia

Deadline: March 15, 2020

(Program details
This internship combines small-group classroom instruction, hands-on field research, and intensive writing. It is led by the editor-in-chief of, a popular Voronezh newspaper.

The first week is the classroom week — you refine your topic, learn how to gather information, and structure your research. You can explore any topic you like, and if you don’t have one, that’s OK. We can give you ideas. The second and third week is the research itself. You are out and about, doing interviews, observing, running surveys, etc. During the fourth week, you write. You can write in Russian or in English.

A Russian tutor is around the entire time to help out where your Russian isn’t strong enough and some work may even be published.

See below links to articles that were published:

Summary info:

  • Timing: One month (July only). Can be combined with other Crossroads Eurasia internships (e.g. teaching)
  • Russian proficiency: The better your Russian, the more challenging we can make it. At the very least, we require four semesters of Russian or equivalent. 
  • Past experience: None required. 
  • Cost: $2,000
  • Deadline to apply: March 15, 2020.   

For details and to apply, visit: