Summer translation in Russia

This year (2020), we are looking for students to translate a series of audio-guides on the history of Russian regions, with a focus on the stories of aristocratic manor houses that dot the countryside.We are also looking for students to help out at a Voronezh-based translation agency with a variety of business-oriented projects — websites, press articles, bank statements — the kinds of work that a professional translator would see day-to-day.   
A locally based professional translator provides a kick-off training on the tools of the trade and is available to provide support and extra training throughout the stay.  

  • Timing: One to three months. Can be combined with other Crossroads Eurasia internships (e.g. teaching or camp)
  • Russian proficiency: The better your Russian, the more challenging we can make it. At the very least, we require four semesters of Russian or equivalent. 
  • Past experience: None required. 
  • Deadline to apply: March 15, 2020.   

Apply online at
If you have questions, please email