Job: Intelligence Analyst (FBI, Houston)

Deadline: Open until Filled

The FBI is currently seeking Intelligence Analysts to be part of the first line of defense for national security. In this critical role, you will break downinformation into key components and contribute to plans of action to understand, mitigate and neutralize threats; facilitate information sharing by developing relationships and forming networks with law enforcement partners; and use your knowledge and understanding of language, culture and history of specific regions to stay ahead of threats. This unique career opportunity involves work ranging from counterterrorism to organized crime and beyond.

We’re looking for applicants who possess specialized experience and/or educational experience in Cyber, Data Management/Logistics, Foreign Area Study/Foreign Language, Law, Hard Sciences, Finance/Banking (International), Intelligence Studies, Media Analysis and Criminology, as well as other professional skills.


GS – 7: $37,301.00 – $48,488.00

GS – 9: $45,627.00 – $59,316.00

Salary is commensurate to experience and location.

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