Free Virtual Russian Pronunciation Master Class

Kimberly DiMattia will be offering a free virtual Master Class in Russian Pronunciation this fall based on her textbook Unlocking Russian Pronunciation (which can be found at: The course is open to students at all levels of Russian as well as to instructors who would like to observe Dr. DiMattia’s method in action and apply it to their own teaching!

There are two required texts and some extra services available to students for a nominal fee, but there is no fee to attend this quarantine version of the class and no fee whatsoever for teachers/observers. The class is designed for college students, graduate students, and adult professionals; high school juniors and seniors are also welcome. If you or your students are interested, there will be two orientation sessions before classes formally begin on Thursday, 9/17. Prospective students are invited to attend an orientation session on either Thursday, 9/10 at 6:45 p.m. (register at: or Wednesday, 9/16 at 6:45 p.m. (register at:

You can find detailed information at (scroll down to #8 to for information on the master class) and you can preview the class website here: Feel free to email Dr. DiMattia with questions at .

You can read feedback from participants of the summer master class below:

– “I absolutely love this class! It has given me the tools needed to begin learning Russian and how to pronounce the words.”
– “You are without a doubt one of the best teachers I’ve had the privilege to learn from, Kira! I really appreciate how you combine practice and theory in the classroom and seek to include all of the students by helping them to claim agency over the learning process. The check-ins have  been very helpful in terms of developing my phonetics skills and structuring my practice routine. I’ve also found it very useful to record myself during class so that I can listen and practice later. Thank you so much for making this class possible and for including me! Спасибо большое!!!!”

– “A very interesting and enthusiastic approach to pronunciation that I have never seen used in my own 30+ years as an educator; it is very refreshing and time to sing the Russian folk songs is so much fun each week.”