Online Research Internships (SRAS)

Deadline: November 20, 2020

SRAS is offering online research internships over winter break 2020. If accepted, you will be researching and writing about popular or folk culture for SRAS sites. Internships are flexible and SRAS editors will work with you to assign tasks that are both of interest to you and fill the needs of the SRAS Family of Sites. The internship dates are also flexible – to be able to best fit the individual winter break taken at your university.Research Topics and ProjectsCurrent topics of interest center on Eastern or Central Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. They include sport teams, movies, video games, fashion brands, and music groups/artists based there. We are particularly interested to hear from heritage speakers of minority languages or Caucasian languages who can research in those languages, provide first-hand perspectives, and potentially contribute to our Talking Phrasebooks.

You will be able to propose specific topics or have them assigned to you. Once topics are approved, you will produce a cycle of 6 short articles, each a minimum of about one page (500 words) in length which introduces their subject and gives links to more information. Articles will be edited by SRAS editors and you, with guidance from SRAS editors. Completed articles will be published on or Folkways.Today.

Scholarships for Completed Internships

Interns who complete a minimum of 3000 words of published writing will be awarded a scholarship. A choice of scholarship is offered: EITHER a $200 scholarship towards your next SRAS study abroadOR $75 that can be spent on SRAS online courses or donated to an SRAS scholarship fund for other study abroad applicants. Those who use the scholarship toward study abroad can also still use stackable SRAS Challenge Grants to fund their studies!