Summer Intensive Language Programs (University of Pittsburgh)

Deadline (funding): March 1, 2021

Now accepting applications to SLI’s 2021 summer intensive language programs! 

The Summer Language Institute ( at the University of Pittsburgh is proud to announce that we are accepting applications for summer 2021. At this time, we are planning to hold 2021 programming on-campus in Pittsburgh, but we are also excited to accommodate prospective students who elect to participate online, synchronously.   

Arabic (Beginning and Intermediate) 

Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and 4th-year) 

Bulgarian (Beginning) 

Czech (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) 

Hungarian (Beginning) 

Polish (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and 4th-year) 

Russian (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and 4th-year) 

Slovak (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) 

Turkish (Beginning) 

Ukrainian (Beginning) 

For specific on program offerings, dates, and links to our applications, visit: 

Highlights of SLI programs: 

  • Intensive language training: 2 semesters-worth of academic credit (6-10 credits) and the corresponding proficiency gains in one summer session of 6-8 weeks
  • Generous scholarships available: all applicants eligible to apply for scholarship support (including out-of-state students and not-currently-enrolled language learners) 
  • Cultural enrichment through films, lectures, masterclasses on arts, music, and movement, extra-curriculars, excursions, ethnic picnics, and more 
  • A diverse student body of undergraduate and graduate students from institutions all around the country and highly-motivated, non-student learners 

SLI celebrates a 32-year tradition of passionate teaching and proven results. Students who complete SLI programs rapidly acquire language proficiency and cultural competency, while enjoying the camaraderie of other motivated language learners and friendly, experienced instructors. Enjoy the culturally rich, urban environment of University of Pittsburgh’s main campus or join us online, synchronously from the comfort of your home! 

To explore our programs and apply: 

Direct questions to Kathleen Manukyan: