Online Courses and Workshops: Russian Classics, Ukrainian Identity, Language (SRAS)

Deadline: Varies

Reading the Russian Classics with SRAS

Join SRAS for a new look at the Russian classics. Each course will look at a major work from five of Russia’s most famous authors. We will present the author’s biography and the history of the book’s creation, and then over the course of four meetings reference excerpts to discuss plot, character, and important themes to the work. We will also take a virtual excursion to a location in Russia of relevance to the work, its author, and its history to learn still more.

Educators: If you are teaching a Russian literature course this spring, contact us about participating in the virtual excursion components of these courses.

Perspectives on Ukrainian Identity

Perspectives on Ukrainian Identity is a multidimensional look at the people and events which have shaped Ukrainian identity. Starting from a broad introduction to Ukrainian history, we then move to four focused events – both tragic and heroic – that have had an outsized influence on modern Ukrainian identity. We will come to understand the geography, history, politics, and geopolitics of this large and fascinating country. We combine lecture, “live” visits to sites of relevance, and panel discussions with Ukrainian students as they reflect on their own history and identity.

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Perspectives on Central and Eastern Europe

This online series will look at Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) from three perspectives – history, security, and democracy. This is a live and interactive lecture series providing an intensive introduction to the history and current issues in a region that has undergone tremendous change over the course of the past century. As we approach the 30th anniversary of the fall of the USSR, it is an appropriate time to consider both the causes and consequences of such rapid change.

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Eurasian Foodways

“In this two hour cooking class, we’ll make what I consider THE Georgian meal, which you’ll never get in any fancy Georgian restaurant: Ghomi and bazhe. A special mix of ground corn, slowly cooked into a stew, served piping hot with cool cilantro-garlic-walnut sauce.” Join Michael Denner for another Georgian vegetarian cooking experience!

Stay tuned for announcements of new courses over the coming weeks. From art, architecture, and museums, to more perspectives on history, culture, and current issues, these are a great way to connect the diverse interests of your students to our region.

***All of the above courses are eligible for group rates for departments and Russian clubs.***

Supplementing your language study with SRAS

We will offer Individual Peer Tutoring over the holiday break, and then after the New Year, resume our programming of a wide range of language courses and workshops. There is something for everybody – from Nachinaem! Getting Started with Russian to the Russian Grammar Challenge workshops to the Advanced Russian Training (ART) for educators and students. Looking to try something a little different? Check out our courses in UkrainianCzech, and Polish for Russian Learners. This is a great way to reinforce your Russian while learning another regional language