CFP: Transcultural Influences in Soviet and Russian Animation

Extended Deadline: February 15, 2021

The call for papers for the edited collection “Transcultural Influences in Soviet and Russian Animation, 1917-2020” has an extended deadline of February 15, 2020. If you know anyone who is working on Soviet or Russian animation, please encourage them to submit an abstract to Sabina Amanbayeva and Irina Karlsohn. We have an interested publisher, and we want to hear from more specialists.

List of topics for the collection: 

  • The influence of Disney on Soviet and Russian animation;
  • International reception of specific Soviet or Russian cartoons in the West;
  • Russian and Soviet cartoons based on foreign literary texts;
  • Presence of foreign motifs or images in Russian or Soviet cartoons;
  • Soviet or Russian reliance on Western technologies in animation;
  • The role of specific animation directors as transcultural mediators or ambassadors between U.S.S.R. / Russia and the West;
  • Distribution and reception of Western cartoons in modern Russia.

The collection is focused on telling moments of cultural adaptation, appropriation, commentary, reception, and other forms of animated engagement across the Russian/Soviet and Western border. How do Soviet or Russian cartoons mediate or serve as an especially fruitful ground for transcultural exchanges? How were Western cartoons, broadly defined, received by Soviet or Russian audiences?

If you are interested in contributing, please email an abstract of about 300-350 words and a brief CV to Dr. Sabina Amanbayeva at by February 15, 2021.