Lang. Training: Russian Pronunciation Master Class

Deadline: February 18, 2021

For all Russian language learners: Master Class in Russian pronunciation is being offered this spring. Our mission: to learn to sound authentically Russian! It is a free six-session class held via Zoom.

Appropriate for:
all students and teachers of Russian
beginners who know the alphabet
students with experience (a little or a lot!)
adult professional non-native speakers who want to improve their pronunciation
Russian teachers who want to expand their repertoire for teaching pronunciation

Level of instruction is aimed at:
college students
grad students
adult professionals
advanced high school students age 16+

You can sign up as:
a student (camera on & I work with you!) or
an observer (camera off & you can come to 1 session or several)

The six-class session meets:
6 weeks in a row
Thursday nights on Zoom, 7 p.m. EST
first class is on Thursday, 2/18/2021, 7-9 p.m. EST
all other classes are 1.5 hours long
we sing at the end of each class – optional! : )

The cost:
Classes are free to all participants – observers and students
Students much purchase course materials ($25-$45 hard copy/digital rental)
Teachers may request a faculty review copy of the main text
Extras are available: Check-Ins ($5) and Individual Feedback ($20)

Video – “What is Master Class with Kira?”

Class website & syllabus:

Additional resource – Patreon Podcast: students can sign up to get a podcast with oral pronunciation exercises delivered directly via text in the US or via email several times a week (Mon-Fri most weeks). Each week I focus on how to pronounce a different sound (т/ть in word-final position last week!) and I offer sentences for beginners and advanced students at