Study Abroad Online: VEXA

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Virtual Experiences Abroad

A new generation of digital learning content provided at your fingertips.  VEXA provides students of all kinds and means with engaging and memorable experiences abroad

What is VEXA

Vexa is a secure, user-friendly platform that hosts and displays content and combines aspects of social media with a learning management system to drive engagement.

Vexa designs tailor made modules in close cooperation with its partner institutions. 

Experiences can be: 

• Live Excursions and Meetings
• Pre-recorded educational immersive content
• Innovative language instruction (asynchronous and synchronous)
• Informal social exchange and interactions

VEXA is….
• At least 1/10th the cost of a traditional study abroad program.
• Able to provide highly immersive experiences, ranging between level 3 and 4 on the S.A.M Global competency scale.
• The best option for students who want to study abroad but cannot travel.
• In Russia and the Republic of Georgia. 

About US: VEXA was founded in April 2020, as a reaction mainly to the coronavirus global pandemic. Tamaz, having studied abroad in Russia in 2013 while studying Miami University, OH, was keenly aware how important these global immersive experiences were to his overall education.  Tamaz decided to leverage his location and existing technology to come up with a solution that would provide students with affordable and equitable access to be able to ‘study abroad’ from home. 
Tamaz soon after met Nina, a research assistant at the Higher School of Economics and teacher of Russian as a foreign language. The two devised a series of modules for language instruction and immersion, recruited additional team members and achieved its first project in 2020 with Indiana University’s Summer Language Institute. Since then, VEXA has been expanding its platform and coverage to incorporate culture, history and other unique activities that are appealing to a wide audience. VEXA has continued to grow its network to other major institutions and looks forward to constantly improving its overall service in future programs.

Current Partners: University of Arkansas Walton School of Business, Texas A&M University, Indiana University Summer Language Institute, King’s College London

The Team
Tamaz – CEO and Founder
Nina- Director of Language programs
Dan – Co director of production
Peter – Co director of Production

Summer 2021 proposition:

As VEXA continues to produce content and expand its coverage of Russia and Georgia, VEXA would love to keep busy working with students over the summer period. VEXA has established a young, energetic and creative Russian language team that would be excited to provide American students with immersive experiences and language practice over this summer. 

We are looking to open beginner, intermediate and advanced modules that correspond with the ACTFL proficiency scale. We are able to provide references from all of our current partner institutions, most relevant to this discussion being Indiana University’s Summer language institute. In order to keep costs low, we can co-mingle the modules with students from different institutions but at the same level of Russian.  

The modules would last for about 10 weeks and could begin in mid-June. Each module would consist of a virtual immersive video lesson around Contemporary Russia, vocabulary list, exercises on our website and a live zoom meeting once per week. Topics would be focused on contemporary Russian culture and summer outdoor activities. 

We are looking to have between 10-15 students in each cohort to be able to ensure individual attention. 

If there is interest, please contact directly at The program runners would be happy to discuss more about our experiences, how the modules work and more details about the programming. 

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