CFP: 17th International Congress of Slavists

Deadline: March 15, 2024


for the XVIIth International Congress of Slavists

Paris, France

August 25–29, 2025

The American Committee of Slavists (ACS) hereby issues a second call for papers for the XVIIth International Congress of Slavists in Paris, France, August 25–29, 2023, to determine the composition of the American delegation. *If your application has already been accepted for the postponed 2023 Congresss date, you do not need to reapply.* 

*Please read carefully, since the eligibility criteria and requirements have changed significantly since the last Congress.*

   1. Eligibility. To be considered, a new applicant must, without exception, have a Ph.D. in a relevant discipline in hand by March 15, 2024, the deadline date for the submission of abstracts. It is no longer required that an applicant hold regular positions at U.S. academic institutions, but all applicants should be either based in the U.S. or affiliated with a U.S. institution. 

   2. Application. Qualified new applicants must submit (a) their current c.v. and (b) a one-page (1,800 characters, including spaces) abstract of their paper, roundtable, or poster proposal, as a PDF, by **March 1, 2024,** to the ACS President, Cynthia Vakareliyska, by e-mail at vakarel@uoregon.eduThis is a FIRM deadline.The cover e-mail text must provide the title of the paper.

Applicants are advised to follow instructions carefully in the preparation of abstracts (see point 5, Preparation of Abstracts, below).  Incorrectly written or formatted abstracts will not be considered.  Preference will be given to papers that are broadly comparative in nature. 

  3. Paper publication. Beginning with this Congress, the International Committee of Slavists is no longer requiring publication of papers before the Congress itself. There will be no U.S. delegation volumes anymore, and no subvention/application fees. While publication of the Congress paper is permitted before the 2025 Congress, all accepted applicants are expected to publish their 2025 Congress papers independently at any point before the submission deadline for the following International Congress, preferably in a peer-reviewed journal, and to submit a copy of the publication to the ACS. *The ACS may deem an applicant ineligible for the next Congress if that applicant has not supplied it with a publication copy of the paper before then.* There is no independent publication requirement for roundtable proposals.

4. summaries. Accepted applicants will also be required to submit to the ACS a year later, by March 1, 2025, four months before the Paris Congress, either a copy of a publication of their Congress paper, if they already have one, or a summary of their paper, two to five pages in length (a page constituting 1800 characters, including spaces). For posters, the summary should be a paragraph-length description. There is no summary required for roundtables. The summaries will be vetted and edited by the ACS paper reviewers in order to conform to the requirements of the International Committee of Slavists, and will be posted on the Congress website. A template for the summaries will be provided later by the Congress organizers. 

5. Preparation of abstracts.

The abstract that is due on March 1, 2024 must be written in English or a Slavic language, one page in length (1,800 characters, including spaces), single-spaced. The applicant’s name must not appear on the abstract. Any references should be incorporated into the text; there should be no footnotes.

6. Language of presentation, summaries, and publication.

The two- to five-page summary of the Congress presentation (due March 15, 2025, a year later) must be in the same language as the oral presentation or poster. All Slavic languages, English, German, and French are the languages accepted by the International Committee of Slavists. The publication must be in a different accepted language from that of the oral presentation and summary.

**You can find more information on the 2025 Congress as we receive it, on the American Committee of Slavists FaceBook page.**