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Clean Cookstoves: challenges to black carbon mitigation in Asia

The residential sector is by far the biggest contributor to black carbon emissions due to high use of inefficient biomass burning cookstoves. If all households were to switch to stoves using liquefied natural gas by 2030, projected global black carbon

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China’s Coke Problem

Black carbon is a problematic short-lived climate forcer. While global emissions of black carbon are far lower than those of CO2, the sooty particulate matter has an approximate GWP20 of 2200, meaning its warming power is far more potent than

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Arctic black carbon, maritime trade, and ECA mitigation potential

  BLACK CARBON AND THE ARCTIC The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, an alarming fact that has the potential to accelerate sea-level rise, disrupt Arctic ecosystems, and upset ocean circulation patterns. The

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