Job: Graduate Student Facilitator, INSPIRE (U. of Texas at Austin)

Deadline for Applications: August 14, 2017

INSPIRE, an undergraduate women’s leadership program, sponsored by the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies, is seeking a graduate student to fill a position as facilitator. (Read about INSPIRE here)

This position is responsible for coordinating activities and meeting with a small group of students twice a month to introduce them to new ways of thinking about leadership, higher education, community, feminist ideas (de-stigmatizing feminism), and communication. Discussions on leadership in feminist terms will begin the process of learning critical thinking and acquiring the tools to be successful in higher education and in the professional world. This position has the potential to continue over multiple years.

The successful candidate will:
Be able to foster the initiative and creativity of the young women. The facilitator will guide the conversation, but not take control of what will be talked about and discussed, or what projects they will engage in.  The facilitator serves as a guide and mentor.

Be very patient and have a lot of energy to coordinate meetings, supervise projects and work with about 15 undergraduate women students.

Be able to work within a loose structure. There are expectations and guidelines in the program, but the facilitator must be flexible and creative in order to make the program enjoyable and effective with consideration to the individual students.

Be well versed in women’s and gender issues, with the intersection of race, class, ability, language, sexuality.

Compensation: 10 hours/week at $15/hour

Other benefits
This is a great opportunity for a rewarding experience for anyone interested in women’s issues, higher education issues, alternative ways of learning and leadership. This job will enhance a resume or CV for anyone interested in obtaining jobs in academia.

Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining the 3 main reasons why you want this position: Nancy Ewert ( by August 14. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will begin in late August. The position will begin in September and follow the academic year.