Travel/Study Abroad: Summer Georgian Courses with SRAS

Deadline for Applications: April 1, 2019; April 15, 2019

SRAS invites anyone interested in Georgia to participate in two new summer courses located in this incredible country! They are hosting a Foodways course in June open to all levels from undergraduates to faculty as well as a continuing education course for educators on Ukraine and Georgia. The Foodways program will be led by Dr. Michael Denner, whose English translation of Georgian recipes is also shared below!

1. Get your Georgian recipes!

Dr. Michael Denner at Stetson University is currently wrapping up an English translation of the vegetarian and vegan recipes from Tinatin Mzhavanadze’s Georgia with Taste. In Michael’s opinion it is the best Georgian cookbook available. This is due for publication in April 2019, but in the meantime there are three ways that you can get a regular feed of these recipies

2. “Georgian Foodways: Global Pathway/Local Contexts”

Join Dr. Michael Denner of Stetson University for two weeks of eating Georgian food in an educational context. This is two weeks on the ground, making it an option for working professionals. A fantastic opportunity for hungry colleagues and alumni!

Program Dates: June 16 – 30, 2019
Application Deadline: April 1, 2019
Cost: $3,695 ($2,895 for faculty, $3,195 for alumni of CREEES or a designated Russian/East European Studies program, and others not needing credit)
Includes: Tuition, accommodation in hostels and guest houses, insurance, most meals, airport transfers, transcript for 2 semester credits in 300-level area studies/food studies issued by Stetson University (credit option)
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The country of Georgia is your classroom. Your time will be spent traveling its breathtaking landscapes, while cooking, eating, talking, and experiencing the connection between identity and culinary tradition.

Although only about the size of West Virginia, Georgia is home to several distinct cultures. Each has contributed to the legendary culinary traditions now collectively called “Georgian.” These traditions use a surprisingly broad palate of local ingredients to deliver unique flavor combinations and exceptionally rich nutritional value.

Participants will spend two weeks using a variety of critical, interdisciplinary approaches to explore issues like climate change, state agricultural policies, food security, the place of food in social justice and ethnic identity, and how food and identity can help drive tourism development. This course is for anyone who wants to understand how truly important food is to the human experience.

It will also give you ideas on how to lead a food experience in this region.


2. Continuing Education Abroad: Ukraine and Georgia

SRAS and Novamova would like to invite all educators for an unforgettable continuing education experience. Specially formulated to immerse you directly in the subjects and regions you teach, this program will present the culture, history, politics, and current events of Ukraine and Georgia from the perspectives of locals on the ground. Student interest is rising in these fascinating, little-understood, but increasingly important geopolitical centers.

Combining masterclasses, lectures, guided tours, and degustation with an ambitious travel schedule, this program will illustrate why these regions appear in the news, and present the demographic, historical, economic, and geopolitical backgrounds of the region(s). You will also dive into local life, learning about traditions and sharing in delicious national dishes.

Program Dates: June 30 – July 11, 2019
Application Deadline: April 15, 2019
Cost: $1,495
Includes: Accommodations (twin), at least two meals per day, airport transfers. Does not include flight Kyiv to Tbilisi (est. $150 one way)
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This is an excellent opportunity for educators to explore the value of study abroad in this region and the many possibilities for faculty-led programming. Join SRAS abroad this summer for an unforgettable professional growth experience!

For any questions contact Renee Stillings, Director of SRAS at