Study Abroad: Global Seminar: Mission Siberia (University of California San Diego, SRAS)

Deadline: March 1, 2020

The first course in this program looks at the largest indigenous group in Russia, the Buryats, and issues of race, ethnicity, and power vis a vis Russian culture. We will study both the historical and current situation, as well as the intersection with gender, sexuality, age, and class. Emphasis is on the strength of Buryat identity around Buddhism and Shamanism. Russian language instruction will be integrated according to student proficiency. The second course explores physical and biological characteristics of Lake Baikal, risks to its survival, and changes already observed in the ecosystem. It also looks into Baikal’s cultural significance in arts, literature, religion, political, historical, and economic issues. As a final project, students will draw on their own research, and personal experiences with Baikal to form policy proposals and a media campaign supporting them.

This program provides an excellent opportunity for students to integrate the study of Russian language and culture into the important emerging field of ethnic studies in the context of Russia and indigeneity. The ethnic studies course may fulfill upper division requirements for majors and minors in REEES and ethnic studies, arts and humanities, or social science general education requirements, and the ERC regional specialization. The environmental studies course may also fulfill upper division requirements for majors or minors in general biology, BIEB, Muir environmental studies, and the natural science general education requirement. Consult your academic advisor to determine officially how the courses will apply to your graduation requirements.

The detailed calls for applications are available here:

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