Call for Content: Internet Column, SEEIR

The journal of Slavic & East European Information Resources is to seeking content for our next issue focused on the Internet.

The theme of the Internet is, of course, vast and so the column can feature essays that address any aspect of digitization, digital material, digital applications or the Internet related to Slavic and East European studies. For instance, past column pieces have analyzed the Czech Republic’s OA journal market, surveyed websites that support research of Lithuanian culture, politics, and history, proposed a typology of Russian digital libraries, and discussed efforts to web archive LGBTQ resources throughout the region.

SEEIR has generally served the information sciences community most directly, but I’m convinced that the topic of the internet also invites the perspectives of researchers and instructors. How is the internet important to literary culture in the SEE region? How does it impact politics? How are politics impacting the internet? What new online content is supporting your research in ways that more traditional resources cannot? How are you bringing online content into the classroom? Tips for navigating the RuNet to greatest effect?

The column is likewise flexible when it comes to the length of submissions. We can accommodate an article, but the journal’s columns are really ideal for pieces of more modest scope. If you have something that you think might work, send it in and we’ll happily consider it!

This is also a rather urgent call since a recent changing of the guard, as it were, has disrupted our typical timeline and put us a little behind schedule. In short, please do contact me as soon as possible if you have something you’d like to contribute.

Before sending in your work, make sure to consult SEEIR’s general instructions for submitting a column piece as well as the general instructions for authors for guidelines on originality, style, manuscript preparation, and preparation of illustrations.

Submissions should be sent directly to me at Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns.

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