CFP: Theories and Practices of Creative Writing

Deadline: May 1, 2020

Theories and Practices of Creative Writing

The conference’s aim is to discuss the history, ideology, and structure of main literary institutions of the XIXth and XXth centuries related to teaching, theorizing, and practicing creative writing.

At the same time, we suggest examining existing — and discussing new — methods of teaching creative writing, thus broadening and strengthening a professional community involved in it.  

Special attention will be paid to a methodology of literary criticism so as to acquire means of the implementation of achievements related both to established and recent theoretical concepts.    

We suggest focusing on the following topics:

–     Creative writing as a generator of educational literary institutions: higher education institutions, literary associations, writing courses;

–     Writers’ unions, writing residencies, literary academies;

–     Literary coteries, salons, and societies;

–     “Forming the reader”: the mechanics of writer-audience interaction; 

–     The economics of educational literary institutions;

–     Social status of a writer and literature in the XIXth and XXth century Russia; 

–     Creative writing and literary theory: Russian formalism, structuralism, narratology as methodological sources of teaching creative writing;

–     Methods of teaching creative writing (exercises, approaches, perspectives);

–     Creative writing and literary translation.

The conference will be held on September 18-19, 2020, at Higher School of Economics (Moscow).

The deadline for abstracts is May 1. Abstracts (200-250 words) should be send to itmaster.conference@yandex (subject: conference submission).