Online Croatian Language Course (University of Zagreb)

Deadline: August 28, 2020 (Fall); February 26, 2021 (Spring)

The University of Zagreb, the Croatian Heritage Foundation & the University Computing Centre offer an e-learning course of the Croatian language at the beginner level. The course is aimed at people with no previous knowledge of Croatian, or with very basic knowledge of the language.


The proposed course is a form of distance learning, more precisely, it is e-learning through a learning management system (LMS) and also through 24 teaching hours with experienced language instructors (native speakers) over Skype or Webinar. The course is not offered in a form of software that can be bought and used after the course finishes, but it is in a form of interactive teaching materials accessible on the LMS during the course duration.

The course is based on the LMS Moodle, therefore it is required that the course participants have basic computer skills.
The e-learning course comprises of 7 units which are expected to be finished in 12 weeks. The participants have two weeks to complete one main unit (the main units are Units 2-6), while Unit 1 and Unit 7 have to be completed in one week. Unit 1 is the introductory unit, while Unit 7 consists of revision exercises and of a final exam. Each unit ends with a short test that shows the learner’s progress. The tests can be taken only at a time scheduled in advance.

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