Virtual Study Abroad: Learn Russian in the EU

Deadline: September 6, 2020

“Learn Russian in the European Union” designed full-featured virtual study abroad programs and a set of flexible online components that may be integrated into Russian curriculum at home universities in the Fall 2020 semester.

In spring and summer 2020, we completed several successful and feature-rich virtual study abroad programs for our long-time partners in the USA. Now we make this experience and infrastructure available to all students, teachers and universities.

“Learn Russian in the EU” is accepting applications for Fall 2020 Semester programs:

•   Virtual semester abroad program: Russian language and cultural communication
This program includes academic courses (standard and electives), individual peer communication tutors, and interactive virtual excursions. 
Daugavpils University will award 24 ECTS (12 US) credits.

•   Virtual study abroad program: Russian Communication and Active Grammar
This is a semester-long program focused on comprehension, speaking, active vocabulary development, and cultural understanding.
The program includes intensive Russian language course, one-on-one grammar tutoring, individual peer communication tutors, and interactive virtual excursions.

•   Selected Academic Courses in the Russian Language and Culture, Online
Students can pick academic for-credit courses at Daugavpils University and build their own customized online study abroad program. The courses will be provided synchronously in a very small group or even one-on-one with the professor. Daugavpils University awards academic credits.

For all above programs:
     Dates: September 14 to December 18 (14 weeks).
     Synchronous instruction.
     Groups of up to 6 students.
     All teaching is in Russian.
     Application deadline: September 6.

•   Virtual study abroad components
University teachers can greatly improve student motivation, inclusivity, experience, and progress with integrating virtual study abroad components into their Russian courses.

We invite teachers and students to enrich their courses by taking advantage of
     – individual consultations with experienced tutors on any aspect of the Russian language, literature, culture, history, and more;
     – individual online sessions with native Russian peer communication tutors;
     – interactive virtual excursions  to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baltic States, Belarus, Poland, and other destinations.

Full details are available at
If you have any questions, please contact “Learn Russian in the EU” at