Courses at Borderlines Open School for Advanced Cross-Cultural Studies

online courses being offered by a new nonprofit initiative, Borderlines Open School for Advanced Cross-Cultural Studies. These courses are open to anyone with interest in the topic, including the general public, undergraduate/graduate students, and teachers and professors.

Below are just a few of the online courses offered in Winter/Spring 2021 that may be of particular interest to members of SEELANGS. Most courses are seminar-style, and are capped at 20 students.

Science Fiction with Deep Philosophical Issues (from Eastern Europe and Russia)

Instructor: Sibelan Forrester

Sundays 3–5pm ET, January 10–31, 2021

Poetry Translation Masterclass: Theory, Problems, Practice

Instructor: Rebecca Ruth Gould

Fridays 5–7pm ET, January 15–February 5, 2021

Leo Tolstoy’s Late Fiction: Temptation and Renunciation

Instructor: Elizabeth F. Geballe

Sundays 6–8pm ET, January 17–February 7, 2021

Queer Reawakening in Russian Literature

Instructor: Vitaly Chernetsky

Tuesdays 7:30–9:30pm ET, February 2–23, 2021

A Jew among Cossacks: Red Cavalry and Isaac Babel’s Complicated Identities

Instructor: Rebecca Stanton

Mondays 7–9pm ET, February 8–March 1, 2021

Russia’s Philosophical Filmmakers

Instructor: Alyssa DeBlasio

Wednesdays 6:30–8:30pm ET, February 24–March 24, 2021

Created in the Dark: Culture During the Siege of Leningrad

Instructor: Polina Barskova

Thursdays 6:30–8:30pm ET, March 4–25, 2021

Race and Racialization in Central and Southeast European Film

Instructor: Sunnie Rucker-Chang

Fridays 12–2pm ET, April 9–30, 2021

To learn more about our courses and this new initiative, please see our About page and our FAQs.