Job: Diplomatic Couriers (US Department of State)

Deadline: Ongoing

Who May Apply

Must be a U.S. citizen. Potential applicants should read the entire announcement to ensure that they meet all of the requirements and understand a Foreign Service career. Applicants may not reapply for one year after the previous application for the same position. If a State Department Suitability Review Panel denied suitability in the last two years, you may not apply (except Diplomatic Security Special Agent (SA) candidates whose denial was based solely on the unique requirements for SAs.)



The U.S. Department of State is hiring Diplomatic Couriers (DSC). The salary listed is from the FS Base Schedule Payscale. In most cases, new-hires are paid at the FS Overseas Comparability Pay rate ($49,108 to $72,117). The Department of State offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package. Joining the Foreign Service is more than just salary.


Foreign Service Diplomatic Couriers assist in worldwide security programs that provide secure transportation services for Department of State classified diplomatic pouches. Diplomatic Couriers safeguard and escort diplomatic pouches containing classified and sensitive material between U.S. diplomatic missions overseas and the Department of State. The Department carries out this mission at more than 275 embassies and consulates around the world, offices in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and other locations in the U.S.

Diplomatic Couriers spend most of their career in a constant state of travel. Couriers are assigned to regional offices and travel from these postings to constituent embassies and consulates in the region.

Diplomatic Courier duties may include the supervision of subordinate staff and the actual performance of some, or all, of the following functions:

  • Safeguarding Classified Material:
    • Performs Travel, including to and attend meetings, and Transports Classified Material
    • Escorts Other Couriers/provide security for shipments for extended periods of time.
    • Provides Container Watch and Security for Shipments
    • Performs Pouching as Required
    • Operates Light-Duty Motor Vehicles, such as medium-sized cargo vans including the ability to operate a vehicle on the flight line.
    • Operates Warehouse Material Handling Equipment
    • Loads and Unloads Vehicles, Material Handling Equipment, Containers, and Pallets
    • Assesses Risks and Identifies Contingencies
    • Assists Posts and Foreign Governments as Needed
    • Provides Administrative Support as Required
  • Planning:
    • Develops Travel Plans
    • Arranges Logistic Operations Support
    • Coordinates with Embassies/Consulates
    • Negotiates Prices and Schedules
    • Develops Pouch Escort Programs
    • Uses Computer Applications to Plan and Manage Work
    • Prepare for work in extreme environmental conditions, including heat, cold, and/or noise
    • Maintains Records
    • Performs Financial Tasks
    • Provides Customer Service Contingency: Based on current information, desk officer briefings and past experience, develop contingency plans in advance to overcome issues or obstacles encountered while transporting/safeguarding classified material.
  • Managing:
    • Establishes Working Relationships
    • Demonstrates Commitment to EEO Principles
    • Communicates with Others
    • Follows Security Procedures
    • Resolves Disputes
    • Assists Regional Diplomatic Courier Office
    • Works with Other Government Offices
    • Drafts Trip and Other Reports
    • Improves Cultural Sensitivity and Language Capability
    • Trains Others
    • Seeks Professional Development
    • Supervises and Evaluates Staff (at senior job levels)
  • Other Duties as Assigned

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