CFP: Proposed Special Cluster of Russian Language Journal

Deadline: December 31, 2021

Undergraduate Research in Russian Language Studies 

Guest Editors: Svetlana Sokolova and Anna Endresen. 

Brief description: 

Undergraduate research, as defined by the American Association of Colleges and Universities “involve[s] students with actively contested questions, empirical observation, cutting-edge technologies, and the sense of excitement that comes from working to answer important questions.” Undergraduate research is considered a high impact practice that can increase student learning driven by mentoring relationships with faculty while also building a culture of innovation and scholarship on campus. 

In addition to its usual topics, Volume 72, issue 1 of Russian Language Journal will involve a special cluster of articles, focusing on undergraduate research. The guest editors seek research articles in which undergraduate students are involved as researchers and as co-authors on any topic related to Russian-language study, including, but not limited to: 

  • curriculum and materials design 
  • assessment and evaluation 
  • other areas of scholarship related to Russian language (linguistics, sociolinguistics, translation studies, etc.) 

All articles should include students as co-authors. Articles may be written in English or Russian. Note that all articles will go through a peer-review process. An invitation to submit an article does not necessarily constitute acceptance. 

To join this special cluster, please send by December 31, 2021 your name and affiliation, and a title and abstract (up to 750 words) in English or Russian for your submission to both Svetlana Sokolova ( and Anna Endresen ( Your abstract should outline the article’s focus and methodological approach.

RLJ volume 72 will also accept other Russian-language related topics not related to the special cluster.

Projected timeline for volume 72, issue 1 of Russian Language Journal

December 31, 2021: authors submit titles and abstracts 

January 15, 2022: authors notified about invitation to submit their article to special issue 

April 1, 2022: authors submit articles 

June 1, 2022: authors receive feedback on articles 

July 15, 2022: authors submit final revised versions of articles 

December 2022: publication of volume