Lang. Training: Third Year Russian (Portland State University)

Russian Flagship at Portland State University offering Third Year Russian this Summer
Portland State University (Portland, OR) will be offering Third Year Russian in person during summer 2022.  This is a basic intermediate level Russian course. In oral proficiency it works from Intermediate Low to Intermediate Mid level and assumes students have completed a full elementary program (such as Между нами).  Themes and language forms under focus include biography, description of people and character, static description of interior spaces and cities, retelling plot with a focus on relations between characters, and narrating actions.   After the course at PSU, students continue to fourth year Russian where we use the textbook “Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced”.

The program dates are June 20-August 19, 2.5 hrs/day M-F, 9.00 – 11.20
It’s very easy for students to enroll as a “non-degree seeking student” and sign up for summer courses.
Details about that process can be found at:Non-Degree Applicant | Portland State University

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