Summer Camp Internship (Siberia)

Deadline: Open Until Filled

“Cosmopolitan”, Novosibirsk, Russia, is still accepting applications to their summer camp internship program that is located in the Altai Mountain region.

The summer internship is offered for two weeks or four weeks from June 27th until July 25th at the children’s camp in the picturesque Altai Mountain region. It is absolutely safe to travel to Siberia. Our life here is normal. Visas are being processed and issued in the usual manner. Some of our prospective participants from the US have recently got their visas without any problem. We maintain the same friendly feelings towards the American people. Everyone, who comes, will receive a very warm welcome. If someone is interested in a more extended stay we can add a Russian course in the city of Novosibirsk on completion of the camp. Further details of such extended internship can be discussed.

This internship position is open to university students, graduates and young professionals of all levels of Russian ranging from absolute beginner to advanced. No previous teaching experience is required. The internship comprises of teaching foreign languages, leading creativity workshops, working as a camp leader, and etc.  Participation in our internship program allows students to gain valuable skills and experience for their future professions. More importantly in addition to this, they will be immersed in the Russian culture and have intensive Russian language lessons catered to their needs and ability. Internship fees are very reasonable.

Here are just 3 great reasons out of a slew of others why you should consider enrolling in our summer camp internship:

1. You will improve your Russian and develop professional skills to take with you throughout your career.

– Immersion has been long recognized as one of the best ways to improve one’s language ability. While the camp is staffed by employees who are able to speak English, you will, for the most part, be in a Russian speaking environment.  You will be able to practice your listening and conversational skills intensively outside of your Russian classes. Unlike many other ‘Study Russian’ programmes, our internship not only comprises structured Russian lessons with our professional teachers but, what is more important, it offers a unique opportunity of applying what you have learned in the classroom to the real world through the many exciting cultural, creative and social activities that are scheduled within the camp program, not to mention the intensive daily interpersonal interactions with the Russian people in the Russian language. For many of the foreign students who came to participate in our summer camp internship programs, conducting English classes to Russian school children was their first teaching experience. However, with the constant help and support of our professional teachers and team leaders, these students brilliantly performed their roles of volunteer teachers of English. Moreover, many of them have been inspired by this experience to pursue a teaching career. Your work experience at our camp will help you develop many essential skills such as flexibility and adaptability; teaching skills; social and cross-cultural skills; initiative, leadership and responsibility  – and so many more. The skills learned at the camp are perfect for adding to your CV or resume.

2. It’s Siberia!

– Despite having been open to the West for some time, Siberia still remains to many as an elusive and exotic destination, and offers a range of still unexplored experiences and opportunities. Participating in our camp program you will have a chance to come and experience the wonderful nature of Siberia and the beauty of its capital city of Novosibirsk, gain unique insight into local culture and society and experience in person and first-hand Siberian cordiality and hospitality. For the Altai Mountain session, there are exciting activities that comprise of hiking, camping, rope park, climbing wall, swimming, excursions. Tours of Novosibirsk and trips to the beautiful Siberian towns of Tomsk, Irkutsk and to the magnificent Lake Baikal can be organized after the camp session.

3. You will make lifelong friends and have memories which will last a lifetime.

Everyone talks about the community at the camp, and that is because it is unlike anything you will experience at any other place. When you work, play, eat, and sleep with the same group of people for several weeks of the summer you develop friendships that will last long after the summer ends. The friends made at the camp are amongst the closest you’ll ever have. The camp may only last for a few weeks but the experiences you gain and share with your new best friends will last forever.

Please share this information with your students, colleagues and people who might be interested. We encourage them to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to join our exciting, highly affordable, meaningful and safe summer internship program.

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Please feel free to contact the Director Natalia Bodrova at and with any questions and application inquiries.