Global Disinformation Lab-GDIL (University of Texas)

The Global Disinformation Lab (GDIL) is actively recruiting undergraduate and graduate researchers for all 8 of its student-driven research projects.

  • We are looking for students who are able to commit to on-going and new research projects at UT. No prerequisites required!
  • GDIL meetings are at 2:30pm on Fridays. We ask for a ~10-hour commitment from our student researchers. 
  • Everything you need to know about these projects, including how to apply, can be found on this page.

Projects pertaining to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

To learn more about these projects, including the specific skills you will develop and demonstrate, click the link next to the project.

  • Scholars in Residence: Historical Narratives in Disinformation – This project team will work with a scholar from Ukraine who studies historical narratives in disinformation.  This project will specifically examine the Russian weaponization of disinformation and how it has been used up to and into the war. Learn more, incuding how to apply, here.
  • Scholars in Residence: #BoycottBiz – This project team will work with a scholar from Ukraine who studies business and enterprise in a historical context. This project examines how multinational corporations have responded to the war in Ukraine – from divesting, withdrawing or scaling down business in Russia to continuing business as usual. Learn more, including how to apply, here.

About the GDIL Student Experience

  • You will be assigned to one of our project teams. Working with a team of other student researchers, you will be given weekly activities that advance the goals of your project. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of real research. Last semester, students who were new to research ended the semester on the front page of the US intelligence community webpage for their work using satellite imagery to document refugee flows in Ukraine. Other students leveraged their work with external partners and became paid summer interns at organizations like national labs, research units here on campus, and GDIL itself. This is real research, not busywork.
  • You will join a multidisciplinary community of inquiry and be invited to our slack workspace. We try to curate the best and most thoughtful online space to discuss global developments in disinformation and misinformation research.
  • Learn resume-building skills in both real research projects and our lab skills workshops. Last semester’s workshops included: Basics of Network Analysis with Gephi, Qualitative Research Design tips from a Historian’s Perspective, Quick visualization with Tableau, Markdown for research, Advanced Search Strategies, Using the Twitter API, and more.
  • Collaborate with others and discover leadership opportunities. GDIL student researchers have leveraged their project involvement to successfully apply for internships, funding, and paid positions at the lab. Additionally, several of our students have successfully received internship credit from their home departments for their participation in the lab.
  • Be the first to hear about relevant student opportunities like conferences, events, internships, jobs, and more. We try and curate and share everything we can!

It is also possible to receive academic credit for working with GDIL. This semester we are offering a course for upper-level undergraduates. Learn more at