Resource: Black Feminist Internationalism and Eurasian Borderlands

The website of my digital project, “The Archive Revisited: Black Feminist Internationalism and Eurasian Borderlands,” and the first artifact – the Gazette. You can find the Gazette either here OR here

Each contribution serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Eurasia on Black feminist internationalism in shaping and influencing intellectual and cultural landscapes. Thinking about Black-Eurasian connections also compels us to ponder how to forge links beyond borders and differences informed by different imperial formations.

Introduction: Revisiting the Archive for Curiosity and Imaginative Inquiry/ Tatsiana Shchurko
Entwined Poetics: Langston Hughes’ Travels to Soviet Central Asia/ Zohra Saed
“Learn, Then Learn Some More:” The Worldly Travels of African-American Women in the Early Twentieth Century/ Mae Miller-Likhethe
Lily Golden’s Long Journey Home: Life Writing and the Archive of Internationalism/ Katharina Wiedlack
Claudia Jones and Black Internationalism during the Early Sino-Soviet Split/ Zifeng Liu
Black Women’s Radical Histories Across Borders/ Tiffany N. Florvil
Archive as Assemblage: The National United Committee to Free Angela Davis/ Jamele Watkins
solidarity complexity / germany in autumn/ Victoria Kravtsova
Dreamwork and Fabulation: Reflections on Black Feminist Engagement with State Socialism in Audre Lorde’s “Notes from a Trip to Russia”/ Sandra Joy Russell

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