Summer Courses (Stony Brook University)

summer opportunities at the Russian program at Stony Brook University. All our courses are online and open to students from other schools. We are excited to offer a new course on Ukrainian culture and politics this year.

Application information can be found here:

Please contact me with any questions.

SUMMER I (May 20 – July 1)

Russian Cinema HUR 241 (3 credits)

A 6-week online course in which you will watch some of the best Russian movies of the past 20 years. We’ll discuss the culture and politics of Russia (the good, the bad and the ugly) as well as the art of cinematography.

Mon/Wed at 1:30-3 pm.

Russian for Russian Speakers RUS 213 (3 credits)

This is a course for heritage speakers.

Tues/Thur at 1:30-3 pm.

Intensive Beginner Russian RUS 101 (8 credits)

An intensive course covering two semesters of the elementary Russian program.

Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs 12-2:15 pm

SUMMER II (July 8- August 17)

Modern Ukraine HUE 220 (3 credits)

An examination of major cultural, social and political developments in modern Ukraine viewed in their historic social and political context. An in-depth discussion of the current events that play a major global role. A survey of Ukrainian national identity and its place in Europe and the world, explored through literature, the arts, and media. 

Tues/Thur 10-11:20 am

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