Russian-Immersion Summer Jobs (Concordia Language Villages, Minnesota, US)

Deadline: Open Until Filled

Looking for a summer job with immersion opportunities in a Russian-language environment? Lesnoe Ozero now has openings for employment for ALL levels of language proficiency. If there are any questions, please contact: .

Option 1: Culinary Arts Staff, July 7-August 11 or July 7-August 18 – all levels
We are hiring for bakers, cooks, and assistant chefs. Staff will receive a week of training in food preparation specific to the cuisines of the Russian-speaking world and then be responsible for preparing the food under the supervision of the Village Chef. The language of the kitchen is English, but Culinary Arts staff are welcome to participate in the language immersion community when they are not cooking, which, given that it is a residential program, can easily be 4-5 hours/day. Room, board, and transportation from the Minneapolis airport to the program in Bemidji, MN are included, but staff are responsible for their own travel to the Minneapolis airport. Students who need work for the whole summer can indicate availability for one of the languages that runs in June, as well as the Russian village, for a full summer of employment. 

Option 2: Counselors, July 7-August 4 – intermediate high+
Counselors teach Russian language and culture in an informal program with extensive mentoring and support; lead “camp”-type activities (canoeing, art, etc.); supervise cabins; and help with activities of daily life, such as site setup, cleaning shared spaces, and a daily shift helping in the kitchen. These positions do not require teaching experience, as we expect to provide these staff with intensive training, a very thorough curriculum, and in-service support. These positions are appropriate for those with abundant energy and a dedication to and background in work with children and teens. Counselor positions require a comfortable command of informal spoken Russian, as counselors are expected to use Russian to communicate both in staff meetings and with campers in all daily life situations. Most successful counselor applicants have spent at least a semester in an immersion context. We anticipate that we will have a particular need for staff with background in dance and art. We are also looking to establish a team with experience across a variety of areas where Russian is commonly spoken. Those from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in Russian language instruction are particularly encouraged to apply.  

Option 3: Volunteer Interns, July 7 – August 4, 11, or 18 – all levels

Volunteers will receive a week of orientation, including training in language teaching, camp counseling, and language training specific to their area of volunteer responsibility (e.g. leading gardening activities, working in our camp cafe, etc.) They will then spend part of the day leading activities in their area of volunteer responsibility and the rest of the day assisting regular staff in language classes, and being immersed in Russian language. Room, board, and transportation from the Minneapolis airport to the program in Bemidji, MN are included, but volunteers are responsible for their own travel to the Minneapolis airport. Volunteers should be at least 18yo and have completed a year of college or the equivalent. *interested applicants should email me directly*

Because of the conditions of our J1 Camp Counselor visas and particular requirements for this year’s positions, we are not able to hire new staff for these positions through our J1 Exchange program at this time. Thus, candidates must be eligible for work in the U.S.

Interested candidates can access complete hiring information for the language villages on our website

As many of you know, we typically also hire a number of high school credit language teachers, who are usually credentialed teachers or graduate students with teaching experience. However, we currently have a much greater number of applicants for those roles than we have positions, so I am not actively recruiting additional applicants for those roles at this time. Should that change, I will send an additional message, but in the meantime, the counselor position could be very helpful experience for graduate students without teaching assistantships in their own institutions, as long as they have U.S. work eligibility.

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