Online Summer Russian Language Program (Indiana University)

Indiana University has moved its summer language programs, including Russian 1-6, online. They are adding expansion sections to accommodate students whose summer plans have fallen through.

They are working to keep courses FLAS, Title VIII, and Project GO eligible in the online format.

Courses will continue to cover 2 semesters of material over 9 weeks (Russian 1-2) or 8 weeks (Russian 3-6).

The situation is developing faster than they can update their website, so course descriptions, funding details, and other published information may at times be out of date. Please contact for the most recent details.

Applications and course descriptions are at:

Online Russian Language Courses (University of Pittsburgh)

Deadline: May 15, 2020

Note: The following program has been moved online:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-year Russian classes taught at the SLI provide the equivalent of an academic year’s worth of study. Classes meet on the University of Pittsburgh campus, Monday – Friday from 9am to 3pm. In addition to intensive language classes, students also attend Russian films, lectures on politics and culture, singing classes, and cooking classes.

DURATION: 8 weeks: June 15-August 7, 2020 (note these dates are updated as of 3/17)

ACADEMIC CREDIT: 8 CreditsEquivalent to one academic year of study

ELIGIBILITY: Available to undergraduate and graduate Pitt & non-Pitt students, working professionals, and retirees as well as Project GO-awarded ROTC students.

****The Russian program will cover 2 semesters in 8 weeks, June 15-August 7 at Beginning through 4th-year levels. Classes for “Virtual SLI” will take place from 11-4:30 EST.
Our website and announcements are also lagging behind the pace of our planning and we are working on our formal announcement for release today. Inquiries may be directed to me:

Online Russian Culture Course (Wayne State, Summer 2020)

Deadline: April 1, 2020

Intro to Russian Culture (RUS 2710)

1) TUITION: How much does an online course (4 cr) cost for non-Wayne students?

Non-WSU students can register as guests. They will have to pay full tuition based on their residency status.  You can compute the tuition at the following link:


There are several special programs that allow students to take courses at Wayne through their home institution or at a discounted rate:

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