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Artists:  Fernando Toth and Carlos Mustto
Museo Gregorio Alvarez, Neuquen, Argentina, 2019.

The project is the token representation of the amount of water used in the Rio Negro province in the 2018 irrigation season. The project involves 271 tokens

  • There are 7 token shapes. Each represents one of the 7 main canals of the Rio Negro.
  • Each token represents the amount of water used per day: litres
Three illustrations of symbols with text in spanish mounted on the wall in gallery
Photos Courtesy Gabriel Mustto
Large sculpture in installation with tokens with writing in pattern on the floor
Courtesy Gabriel Mustto
Art installation with large metal sculpture and tokens in pattern along the floor. With gallery and other art in the background.
Courtesy Gentileza Museo Gregorio Álvarez /PH: Sofía Maiolo

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