Major Additions to the 1992 Token Catalogue

in Denise Schmandt-Besserat’s
Before Writing, Vol. 2

Tepe Khaleseh, Iran

253 tokens

2013. Hamid Reza Valipour, Hosseim Davoudi, Imam Mostafapour and Anna Grezak, “Tepe Khaleseh, a Late Neolithic site in Zanjan Province,” in Roger Mattews and Hassan Fazelo Nashli, eds., The Neolithisation of Iran, The Formation of New Societies, Oxbow Books, Oxford. P. 172.

Chogha Mish

81 tokens

Pinhas Delougaz and Helene J. Kantor – Abbas Alizadeh, ed., Chogha Mish, Vol. 1: The First Five Seasons of Excavations 1961-1971, Oriental Institute Publications, Vol. 101, The University of Chicago, Chicago 1996, Part 1: Text, P. 128-133, Part 2: Plates, Pl. 133-135.

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