Research on Tokens by Other Scholars

  • 2014 Ludwig D. Morenz, “Zur Archaeologie der Schrift: Die Erfindung des Rebusprinzips in Protoschriftlicher Zeit,”  in Leonhard Sassmannshausen, ed., He Has Opened Nisaba’s House of Learning, Brill, Leiden, p. 125-145.
  • 2013 Lambros Malafouris, How Things Shape the Mind, A Theory of Material Engagement, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., Chapter 3, The Enactive Sign, p. 89-118.
  • An Archaeological Study on the Tokens of Tepe Zagheh, Qazvin Plain, Iran,  Authors: Niloufar Moghimi and Hassan Fazeli Nashli
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  • Kafafi, Z. 2014; Economic Aspects of the Early Farming Communities in the Ancient Near East: Tokens’, Numbers and Weights. Pp. 29-39 in N. Qusous et al (eds.), Samir Shamma is the Special Person. Studies in Honor of Samir Shamma. Irbid: Yarmouk University, Samir Shamma Chair for Numismatics and the Islamic Civilizations
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