Academic Program: Summer Program for Carpatho-Rusyn Language and Culture (Prešov University)

Deadline for Applications: April 1, 2017

The Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center affiliate of ASEEES and the Institute for Rusyn Language and Culture at Prešov University in Prešov, Slovakia, announce the eighth annual 3-week Studium Carpato-Ruthenorum International Summer School for Rusyn Language and Culture (June 4-24, 2017). The cost of the program, including tuition, university dormitory accommodations, all meals, and all excursions is $1350.

The Studium offers a unique experience to Slavic scholars and students interested in exploring the history, culture, and language of an East Slavic people located on the border between East and West Slavic linguistic and cultural worlds.

Participants receive intensive daily language study on the beginning and intermediate/advanced levels; lectures in Carpatho-Rusyn history and folklore, with parallel instruction offered in English and Rusyn; pysankȳ, folksong, and folk dance workshops; excursions to the famous Carpathian wooden churches, museums, the Svidník folk festival, the Lemko Rusyn region in Poland, the early 14th-century village of Topol’a, birthplace of the Carpatho-Rusyn national awakener, Aleksander Dukhnovych, and to the adjacent Poloniny National Park with its primeval Carpathian beech forests of the (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Scholarship aid is available for students registered in a North American college or university, and Prešov University offers a certificate which students can present to their home institutions to earn credits for the program. For further detailed information and an application, visit:  (Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center).

Applications should be sent to the head of the Department of Rusyn Language and Culture by April 1, 2017, as directed on the application form. Letters requesting financial aid may be emailed to Professor Patricia Krafcik along with a copy of your application. Please contact Pat (faculty at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington) off-list with any questions at

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