Job: ESL Teacher (Vladimir, Russia)

Deadline for Applications: March 07, 2017

TEACH ENGLISH AT THE AMERICAN HOME IN VLADIMIR, RUSSIA – Application Deadline March 1, 2017 ( ach.html)

Program Benefits: small stipend, room and board with a Russian family, three hours per week of one-to-one Russian lessons, teacher training and lesson planning assistance, a pleasant, well-equipped, and organized teaching environment.

Teacher obligations: Plan and teach up to five classes a week, hold office hours, present a brief lecture on any aspect of American culture, airfare to Moscow, visa fee, obtain TESOL certification.

Experience Russia in a uniquely supportive atmosphere and accomplish something worthwhile in the process! Live in the truly Russian city of Vladimir, gain an understanding of provincial Russian culture, and improve your Russian language skills—while you learn to teach effectively and make a positive contribution to the community. Former teachers have found good positions in education, government, and business, both in Moscow and the United States, and been accepted to major graduate programs and law schools.

Russian news report about the American Home’s American English Program: =QBya_6FQxmw&feature=youtube

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