Job: Secondary Education English Teacher-Moldova (Peace Corps)

Deadline for Applications: October 01, 2017

Before You Apply

You can only have one active Peace Corps Volunteer application, so choose a position that best fits your skills and interest. You have the opportunity to tell us if you’d like to be considered for other openings and more about the ones that interest you most!

Project Description

English Education Teachers support Moldovan teachers, students and community members to strengthen their personal and professional capacities by improving English language teaching and learning, critical thinking instruction, and school and community-driven initiatives. This is a full-time, in-class, formal team-teaching position, requiring a minimum of 18 hours of instruction per week. All instruction complies with the English language teaching curriculum requirements of the Moldovan Ministry of Education. English Education Teachers will be part of the Peace Corps English Education Project in Moldova.

English Education Teachers will teach conversational English, TEFL, or content-based English in middle and high schools to gymnasium or lyceum students of ages 11 to 18 (i.e., grades 4 to 12). Volunteers will be full-time classroom teachers. They will team-teach with their Moldovan school-teaching colleagues. Through team-teaching, English Education Teachers and partners will develop lesson plans together, learn how to share responsibility for the quality of their team-taught lessons, enhance each other’s creativity, use individual strengths to complement each other, and share teaching responsibilities, which makes it easier for both teachers to combine efforts to meet students’ learning needs. Watching their teachers work together, students will also see the value of teamwork and partnership.

Team-teaching is a process, and it takes time for effective relationships to develop between teachers. The ability to communicate is the thread that binds teachers together to successfully team-teach. Flexibility, humility and patience are key characteristics Volunteers can bring to assist this process of relationship building.

The English Education Teacher’s teaching schedule will be from Monday to Friday and will include a minimum of 18 hours per week of team-taught lessons. In addition to classroom teaching, Volunteers share resources, develop teaching materials with local teachers and become involved in community- and school-based projects. Volunteers also undertake and implement a variety of extra-curricular/ secondary activities with youth.

Successful secondary activities in Moldova have included organization of volunteer tree-planting, town or lake clean-ups, promoting health awareness activities in schools, establishing English language and other after-school clubs for youth, creating and organizing libraries, assisting schools with using computers to help with teaching and learning, creating a local park, and supporting the development of playgrounds and sports fields for schools.

Peace Corps Moldova Volunteers promote gender awareness, girls’ education and empowerment through their activities. Volunteers in this program will receive in-depth training on the incorporation of gender analysis into education, community assessment and development efforts. Volunteers are encouraged to find culturally appropriate ways to incorporate gender awareness and the promotion of youth, especially girls, into their work and projects.

Required Skills

Qualified candidates will have an expressed interest in teaching English to students at school and one or more of the following criteria:
• Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in any field, preferably Education or Language Acquisition;
• At least 30 hours of English, foreign language, or literacy instruction/tutoring experience with primary, middle, or high school students or adults; and/or
• A strong desire to teach English.

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