Conference: Transnational Russian Studies Symposium (Durham, UK)

Deadline for Registration: August 31, 2017

Transnational Russian Studies symposium (14-16 September, Durham, United Kingdom)

The event seeks to open up the geopolitical map of Russian Studies beyond Russia, in recognition that what constitutes Russian culture is thoroughly traversed by the transnational and the intercultural. The symposium foregrounds mobility and highlights processes of cultural and linguistic (mis)translation in relation to various artistic forms, language practices, and modes of individual and collective agency.

Convenors: Andy Byford (Durham University), Connor Doak (University of Bristol), Stephen Hutchings (University of Manchester)

Participants include: Marijeta Bozovic, Amelia Glaser, Michael Gorham, Valentina Feklyunina, Siggy Frank, Jeanne-Marie Jackson, Olga Maiorova, Cathy McAteer, Stephen M. Norris, Vitaly Nuriev, Kevin M. F. Platt, Dušan Radunović, Oliver Ready, Alastair Renfrew, Ellen Rutten, Lara Ryazanova-Clarke, Vlad Strukov, Vera Tolz, Sergey Tyulenev, Jennifer Wilson.

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Registration is now open and closes on 31 August 2017. To register follow this link: