Funding: Grants for SRAS Study Abroad Programs

Deadline for Applications: Varies By Grant

Scholarships Applicable to SRAS Programs

The following opportunities are generally applicable to SRAS programs. Note that some (but not all) require participants to be enrolled in a program supported by an American university. These are still applicable if your SRAS program is supported by your home university. Contact SRAS for details. 

Home and Abroad offers up to $10,000 to students applying to SRAS programs. Combine an intensive internship with your study abroad and build your resume while abroad!

SRAS Challenge Grants are stackable grants. Write while abroad, study in more than one location, or meet other criteria to help fund your SRAS program.

Access Grants are available for certain SRAS summer programs. Currently, The Art and Science of Museums and Cuba-Russia Connection offer Access Grants.