Study Abroad/Internship: Slavic, Folklore, Ethnomusicology, and Cultural Anthropology

Deadline: January 31, 2020

Students and scholars in Slavic studies, folklore, ethnomusicology and cultural anthropology have until January 31, 2020 to apply for scholarships and internships for PREEEF programs in Russia, Siberia and Kazakhstan.

The scholarship amount of $2000 supports participation in a folklore-collecting expedition led by a qualified Russian or Kazakh scholar. These expeditions are opportunities to establish international scholarly ties, improve language skills, and learn fieldwork techniques while conducting interviews, making video and audio recordings, serving as audiences and processing collected field materials.  Expedition teams are immersed in local customs, language and food. Fluency in the local language is helpful, but not required.

The unpaid internship offers inexpensive housing in Moscow in exchange for 4-6 weeks with the Gorky Institute of World Literature, editing rough English translations of articles by Institute scholars. Interns acquire practical experience in scholarly publishing and receive guidance from IMLI staff for any personal research they wish to carry out in Moscow. Internships are offered only to PREEEF folklore expedition participants.

Participation in expeditions is also open to volunteers.  Volunteers pay a fee which covers their accommodations, food and transportation during the expedition, plus a share of the team expenses.

 Upcoming Folklore Expeditions:

The Funeral of Stroma (rain-making ritual).  Nizhnii-Novgorod oblast.
June 8-20           Dr. Yelena Minyonok, Gorky Institute of World Literature

Okunevo – place of power (new-age spirituality in a traditional village).  Omsk oblast.
July 1-10           Dr.Tatiana Saveljeva, Chelyabinsk State University 

Legends, songs and holy springs (Russian folklore).  Altai Republic.
July 10-23          Dr. Alevtina Tsvetkova,  Pavlodar State University (Kazakhstan)

Where cultures meet  (Russian and Altain folklore).   Altai Republic.
July 1-12           Dr. Yelena Minyonok, Gorky Institute of World Literature

Manpupuner – Mountain of Idols (ancient site, contemporary beliefs), Sverdlovsk oblast.
August 1-8         Dr.Tatiana Saveljeva, Chelyabinsk State University 

Russian Old Believer folklore, Honey Savior festival.  East Kazakhstan.

August 9-19       Dr. Alevtina Tsvetkova,  Pavlodar State University (Kazakhstan)

Settling Siberia – folklore of Ukrainian and Belarusian settlers of Siberia.  Irkutsk oblast.
Aug 21–Sep 4     Dr. Yelena Minyonok, Gorky Institute of World Literature