Submissions Wanted for Online Periodical in Hungarian, Russian, and English

The RussianStudiesHu ( is an online peer reviewed academic periodical on Russistics in a single volume per year which is constantly complemented with new publications in the course of the same year. Furthermore, in the subsequent year, the papers already accepted and uploaded to the website will also be published in print form as the yearbook of the periodical.

Papers are accepted only in English, Russian and Hungarian. The RussianStudiesHu welcomes all colleagues interested in any part of the Eastern Slavic, Russian and Soviet history (including their Hungarian and Eastern European aspects), who submit a scientific paper observing the publication rules. Therefore, the RussianStudiesHu seeks to provide for a publication platform for authors from different research fields (history, liberal arts, social sciences, etc.).

The RussianStudiesHu does not prefer any “genre”, method or trend in history writing, however, historiography stands at the centre of its founders’ scientific interest, research and publications.

The more detailed general guidelines and instructions can be read in the website:

English version:
Russian version:

The RussianStudiesHu online periodical as well as the research website are founded and edited by the Russian Studies Centre nested under the Department of Eastern and Central European History and Historical Russistics at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). The Russian Studies Centre is the intellectual and legal heir of the Hungarian Institute for Russian Studies (founded in 1990) and the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Centre for Russian Studies (founded in 1995 and later known as the Department of Historical Russistics). A new research website and online periodical in Russistics, are delighted to welcome its readers and co-creators!