Resource: Golosa Russian Language Textbook PDF Free for Fall 2020


Please see the Golosa Inter-edition Download Site for details.

Background information 

Golosa is leaving Pearson, Inc. for Routledge Publishers. Pearson, Inc. the former publisher has released the copyright for the current edition. The company will no longer print the book. Pearson ancillary materials (audio, video, MyRussianLab) will remain online until December 31, 2020.

The new Golosa 6th edition will be available from Routledge in early 2022.

In the meantime…

You may download all the PDFs for the current 5th edition.

Audio and video ancillaries will be available from the Golosa Authors’ Site.
Some of these materials have already been ported over. We expect to finish before the fall semester 2020.

Student Activities Manual — print and online will be available for free by September, 2020.
Print is available now. Some Book 2 activities are available online now. We expect to port over Book 1 by summer’s end.

Free? For how long? 

We will distribute Golosa materials gratis until Routledge takes over the marketing of the entire package. (Prices will be lower than Pearson’s.)

Online interactive versus PDF? That decision depends on one’s teaching pedagogical goals, and the reigning situation regarding public health. In face-to-face teaching situations, based on current research, the author team recommends hard-copy handwritten homework over answers typed onto a computer screen. Indeed, this is possible using PDFs, printers, cameras, and scanners. (Click here for suggestions.)

However, during a public health crisis and virtual instruction, teachers may have to make compromises. Users may prefer online activities, which require typing, not handwriting. Between 50 and 60 percent of the exercises in the current Student Activities Manuals are interactively self-correcting.

Online vs. PDF versions of exercises? Those who choose the online exercises might find slightly modified versions from the printed SAM. That’s because as we port the old exercises over, we will do an initial clean-up on what works and what doesn’t in anticipation for the sixth edition.

About the PDFs. The PDFs for both books of the Golosa textbook are the final publisher versions. However, the old publisher has not been able to locate their own pre-publication proofs for the Student Activities Manual. For that reason, some of the SAM files are final proofs with an occasional misprint —  mostly in the form of improper spacing or alignment.

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