Lex Academic Humanities Scholarship (for Dyslexic Scholars)

Deadline: March 2021

Lex Academic Humanities Scholarship.  Lex Academic, recognizes the important contribution of dyslexic individuals to academic research and broader society. Often meeting with discouragement in mainstream education, they believe that exceptionally promising dyslexic students deserve investment and support, helping them to realize the potential of their ideas.

The Lex Academic Humanities Scholarship is granted annually to a student studying any of the following humanities subjects: Art History; Classics; English; History; Modern Languages; and Philosophy. In addition to a grant of £500, Lex Academic Scholars will receive gratis proofreading services for their MA/PhD theses, provided by the Oxbridge-educated editors at Lex Academic. 

To be eligible to apply for an award, you must hold an offer of admission for a postgraduate degree with a thesis or extended project component. While there are no country restrictions for these awards, your thesis must be written (primarily) in English. 
You may also apply for an award if you have already begun your postgraduate degree. You must have been diagnosed with dyslexia by an educational psychologist to be eligible for an award.