CFP: Narrative Story-Telling in Slavic Languages

Deadline: May 30, 2021

CALL FOR PAPERS for the thematic block: Expressive Story-Telling (Narrative) in Slavic Languages at the XVII Congres of Slavists, Paris, 2023
The term “expressive narrative” (or “oral narrative”) generally refers to a variety of texts such as oral tales, funny stories, jokes, as well as narratives which are perceived (“felt”) as expressive (in Russian, Leskov’s skaz, Zoschenko’s novels, Evg.Popov’s prose)). Due to the lack of a commonly accepted definition, expressiveness in linguistics is often related to the notions of subjectivity and emotionality. In connection with these notions, it would be appropriate to ask questions dealing with how languages translate expressiveness into a written narrative that tends, however, towards a certain orality (“performed story” Wolfson 1982). In this thematic block, we will focus on linguistic resources (morphological, lexical, syntactic, enunciative, discursive, textual) that convey in themselves a particular expressiveness. The role of context in expressive reading and how relevant this type of text is for Slavic languages will be examined as well.

Individuals interested in presenting a paper for this thematic block should submit their name, institution, institutional address, e-mail, and a short abstract to Irina Kor Chahine at no later than May 30, 2021.