Funding: TCE Summer Internship Fund

Deadline: May 29, 2023

Through this Texas Career Engagement grant, students receive funding of $15 per hour up to a maximum amount of $2,000 based on internship hours completed between the first and last class day of the summer (June 1- August 11, 2023). Selected students will receive funds in two disbursements: the first after the application has been accepted and the second in the last weeks of the internship. The internship host-employer is required to submit a confirmation of the intern’s hours for the second payment to be disbursed. The amount of the funding may be recalculated based on the final total hours completed at the internship.

Students who have unpaid internships and who receive additional UT funding for the internship – such as a stipend from your department or other UT office – can apply for the TCE Internship Fund.

The amount of this fund is limited and applicants are prioritized by financial need; therefore, not all applicants will be selected to receive funding.

Apply here.