CFP: Pushkin and Ukraine (Pushkin Review)

Deadline: March 1, 2024

The peer-reviewed journal Pushkin Review invites submissions for a special issue devoted to Pushkin and Ukraine.  Potential contributors should send a draft title and abstract (200 words max) to the Guest Editor of the special issue, Valeria Sobol (, by March 1, 2024.  With the aim of fostering open scholarly discussion of difficult and fraught issues, we seek to publish adventurous new work on Pushkin in Ukraine and Ukraine in Pushkin.  Topics and approaches might include:

– perception and reception of Pushkin in Ukraine;
– Pushkin’s notions, depictions and uses of Ukraine and Ukrainian language and culture;
– Pushkin as a Soviet institution in Ukraine;
– the “Pushkinopad” phenomenon;
– Ukrainian contemporaries of Pushkin;
– Pushkin, colonization and decolonization;
– political and military uses of Pushkin’s image and myth in Ukrainian-Russian relations and the current war;
– Pushkin and propaganda;
– Pushkin and race in the Ukrainian context;
– Pushkin’s milieu and Ukraine;
– oral history of the Ukrainian experience of Pushkin.

Contributions should be in English and approximately 8,000-10,000 words.  The deadline for submitting the full text of contributions to the Guest Editor is September 1, 2024.  Queries welcome.

Guest Editor, Pushkin and Ukraine:  Valeria Sobol (
Editors: Joe Peschio (; Igor Pilshchikov (

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