Academic Program: Coexistence and Religion (SRAS-Tbilisi, Georgia)

Deadline for Applications: March 30, 2017

Coexistence and Religion
History, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in Georgia

Georgia has always been a land of multiple faiths: Judaism, Islam, Christian Orthodoxy, and Paganism have a long and unique history of coexistence. In the three-week course, we’ll begin in Tbilisi at the Georgian-American University where you’ll hear lectures on the role of religious traditions in the history and current life of Georgia, followed by thematic lectures on religious and secular traditions in Georgia. Topics will include: Church music, spiritual art, church and temple architecture, the unique history of Georgian Jews, Islam in Georgia, the persistence of paganistic practices, and the era of Soviet Official Atheism.

We will learn to reflect upon and better understand religious traditions, issues, questions, and values in Georgia, thereby enhancing and expanding our understanding of how religion and spirituality shape our own lives.

Lectures will be enhanced and extended through outside nonfiction and fiction readings, daily discussion sessions, and frequent visits to museums, galleries, and local sites. In the classroom, you’ll learn the history and the contemporary context; in the field, you’ll come to understand how religion and spirituality are interwoven into the landscape of Georgia.

– Dates and Costs –

Summer: $4,495*
May 28 – June 17, 2017  (Apply by March 30, 2017)

Program Add-ons:
Russian language study extension in Batumi, Georgia or Kiev, Ukraine: $395 per week
Security and Society Summer School, Course block 2 (June 18 – July 7) – $2,995

For more information, and to apply, click here.

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