Academic Program: Security and Society Summer Program (SRAS-Warsaw, Poland)

Deadline for Applications: March 15, 2017

Security and Society
A Flexible Course for the Modern Age
in the Heart of Central Europe

Security and Society is a wide-ranging program designed to take full advantage of Poland’s many educational opportunities and provide students with a new perspective on global issues. This program is both an intensive and flexible experience – and one that is highly supportive of opportunities for personal and professional growth, including focussed research, internships, and independent travel in the region.

The semester offering focuses on Security and Society in the Information Age. We examine current issues such cybersecurity, information warfare, and how new and social media are changing the face of modern democracies. The Summer School session takes a broad but intensive approach looking at traditional and contemporary security issues. These range from maintaining international partnerships to developing domestic criminal justice and healthy ecological, demographic, entrepreneurial, and civic environments. Both semester and summer sessions offer a look at a case-study of one of the worst security failures of modern history: the Holocaust.

Security and Society is based in Warsaw, Poland, an excellent vantage to study all these issues. Poland was partitioned and dominated by foreign rule multiple times and suffered some of worst atrocities of WWII and the Holocaust. Taking its security issues particularly seriously, Poland has, in its post-Communist era, rapidly improved its economy and ecology, worked to build inclusive political and civic structures, and has taken active leadership roles in its region and in the wider EU.

This program is for students of a range of disciplines – from sociology/political science and journalism to history, business, and computer science – who are interested in better understanding security issues as they exist in today’s world. This program is excellent preparation for a range of graduate programs, including security  studies, homeland security, international relations, urban planning, and law enforcement. Students will gain a powerful understanding of the modern world, often through the lens of history.

This program offers a wide range of internship opportunities in areas related to all of the fields of study offered. Knowledge of Polish language is not required.

For more information, and to apply, click here.

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