Funding Opportunity: Bogliasco Fellowships (Bogliasco Foundation)

Deadline for Applications: April 15, 2017

Title: Bogliasco Fellowships
Sponsor: Bogliasco Foundation
Amount: Unspecified

Description: Bogliasco Fellowships are awarded to gifted individuals working in all the disciplines of the Arts and Humanities without regard to nationality, age, race, religion or gender. To be eligible for the award of a Fellowship, applicants should demonstrate significant achievement in their disciplines, commensurate with their age and experience. Please note that Bogliasco Fellowships are not awarded to students currently in a degree-granting program. The Foundation gives preference to those whose applications suggest that they would be comfortable working in an intimate, international, multilingual community of scholars and artists. 

How to Apply: Apply directly to the sponsor by April 15. See the grant announcement for a complete list of materials to be submitted with the application. 

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