Language Training: Summer Online Russian (Wayne State University)

Deadline for Registration: June 27, 2017

Wayne State Russian Program offers first-year Russian (RUS 1010and RUS 1020) online in a synchronous format. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about this program. If your questions aren’t answered below, please write Laura Kline at

General Information

1) TEXTBOOK: Which textbook do we use and how many chapters do we cover?

We use Beginner’s Russian by Anna Kudyma, Frank Miller, and Olga Kagan. We cover 5 chapters each semester, for a total of 10 chapters in the first year.

2) PLATFORM: How is the online course taught?

Our online Russian courses are taught live online (synchronous) with a live instructor. We use Blackboard Collaborate as our platform; it is free to students registered at Wayne. Students will be familiarized with the technology before the course begins.

3) MEETING TIMES & DATES: When do the classes meet?

Both classes meet TuTh from 12:00-3:20 live online.

RUS 1010 is offered in the Spring Semester (5/08/17 – 6/27/17).

RUS 1020 is offered in the Summer Semester (6/28/17 – 8/18/17).

4) WSU FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT? Do these classes meet the language requirement?

The requirement is for 3 semesters of a foreign language – through 2010. These are the first two semesters. You can take RUS 2010 in the fall to complete the requirement.

For more information visit their site here.